For years, Orinda has had some of the worst roads in the Bay Area.  Everyone in Orinda knows this fact and the state of the problem was quantified by the Infrastructure Committee report in 2006.

Road quality is measured by a Pavement Condition Index (PCI).  This index ranges from a zero (virtually unpaved) to 100 (a newly paved road).   The miles of roads in Orinda and their condition from the 2014 road survey was:

Arterial Collector School Residential Total
Excellent (PCI 80-100) 6.9 8.3 1.5 6.7 23.3
Very Good (PCI 60-79) 3.1 1.6 0.1 7.5 12.3
Good (PCI 50-59) 0.0 0.7 0.0 1.0 1.7
Poor (PCI 25-49) 1.0 1.9 0.2 20.3 23.3
Very Poor (PCI 0-24) 0.1 2.6 0.8 28.6 32.1
Total 11.0 15.1 2.5 64.1 92.7

Orinda's average PCI is currently 49 (Poor) and 55 of Orinda's 93 miles of roads are in Poor to Failed condition (or were at the end of 2014 when the last road survey was taken). However, the City has $30 million of new tax revenue it is using to deal with the problem. This money is being devoted to the 64 miles of Residential Streets with the remaining 29 miles (Arterials, Collectors and School Streets) being repaired with traditional funding sources. Of this 64 miles:

  • 13 miles either have been repaired or will be repaired this year (2016)
  • An additional 6 miles are scheduled to be repaired in 2017 and a similar amount will be scheduled for 2018 which would use up the available $30 million.
  • 13 miles are already in good condition.
  • The remaining 26 miles of residential streets require an additional $47 million to be repaired.

This accounts for the City’s public streets. However, there are also 22 miles of private streets which receive no public funding either from special taxes or existing sources like the Gas Tax or the Garbage Franchise Fees even though the residents on these streets pay all of these taxes and fees. The City claims that everyone, even the private street residents, use the public residential streets but the fact is that half of the private streets feed directly into arterials and collectors and many of the other private streets only use public residential streets minimally.

Here are links to tables with data on all of Orinda’s streets: