We definitely support repairing Orinda's crumbling roads soon.

However, Measure L fails to do the job properly and must be rejected because of these arguments:

USE EXISTING FUNDS FIRST. In June 2014, Orindans approved $20 million for road repair. Let's see how Orinda does with the original $20 million before spending an additional $25 million in 2016.

A CAPABLE PROJECT MANAGER IS URGENTLY NEEDED. A Project Manager experienced in the design and implementation of a large road and drain construction project is essential. The project has a cost that is several times the annual budget of the City of Orinda. No one doubts the dedication of the Citizens Infrastructure Oversight Commission, which has managed the project up to this point. But the reality is that CIOC's members lack the road-engineering skills required. This is a fundamental reason for the extremely slow start to the Road and Drain Repair Plan.

NEWLY PURCHASED HOMES WILL BE OVERTAXED. Each home should be taxed equally. Instead, Measure L taxes homes on the basis of assessed values. Newly purchased homes are more expensive and, thus, will have higher property taxes.

PIECEMEAL APPROACH. As in 2014, Measure L of 2016 will only enable incremental road repairs and will not come close to repairing all our roads and drains. Public discussion of a more comprehensive plan is a better approach.

Voters must have a sensible plan, not some plan rushed forward without the necessary homework.

Kathleen Jenkins (resident); Bruce London (resident); Richard Coleman (resident)