Orinda Infrastructure Committee

Formed by the Orinda City Council on October 14, 2004 to

• Review and recommend a work plan for development of an infrastructure improvement and financing plan
• Review and provide direction on a schedule for developing such a plan
• Develop a plan for ongoing public outreach
• Review a list of proposed infrastructure improvements
• Review and recommend a construction schedule for implementing improvements
• Review and recommend a financing plan, including a possible plan requiring voter approval
• Review and recommend interagency (city and fire district) strategies for coordinating and implementing financing plans (e.g., separate or combined financing plan)
• Serve as an advisory body to the Orinda City Council and MOFD Board in finalizing plans for improving the community’s infrastructure.

They presented their final report the Orinda City Council on July 11, 2006.

Main Report
Appendix A - Road map - usage
Appendix B - Road condition report
Appendix C - Road subcommittee report
Appendix D - Drains subcommittee report
Appendix E - Water for fire hydrant subcommittee report
Appendix F - Participation of EBMUD in water line improvements
Appendix G - Finance subcommittee report
Appendix H - Municipal bond advisor report
Appendix I - Proposed improvements map