Orinda’s roads are among the worst in the Bay Area. Without more funds to implement Orinda’s Roads and Drainage Repair Plan, our residential roads will continue to deteriorate and future repairs will cost even more.

Measure L funds the third stage of the publicly approved Plan to fix Orinda’s failing roads and storm drains. The Plan, which commits to repairing all public roads to "Good" to "Excellent" condition (Pavement Condition Index/PCI 50 or greater), was developed by Orinda’s Citizens’ Infrastructure Oversight Commission (CIOC) and City Council, with input from the Finance Advisory Committee, after numerous public hearings. For more information, see www.FixOrindaRoads.org.  

Measure L will:

  • Substantially increase repairs to Orinda residential roads and drains.
  • Add $25 million to our infrastructure investment, not replace current funding.
  • Mean safer conditions for children and pedestrians on neighborhood streets.
  • Protect property values, increase public safety and reduce auto damage.

Taxpayer Protections

Included among the taxpayer protections are requirements that:

  • Funds can only be used for street and drain repairs, not for other purposes.
  • Outside agencies are prevented from raiding these funds.
  • CIOC will report annually on expenditures funded by this measure.
  • An annual audit is performed.

Measure L enables continued work on critically needed infrastructure improvements. It’s an important investment in maintaining and improving our overall quality of life today and in the future. Homeowners will pay an average annual property tax of about seventeen dollars per hundred thousand of assessed home value (not market value) to secure twenty five million dollars of infrastructure improvements. Orinda taxpayers will benefit by acting now while construction costs are low and avoid future cost increases from escalating road deterioration. Numerous safeguards are in place to ensure the money is spent as promised.

Victoria Smith (City Council); Dean Orr (City Council); Terry Murphy (CIOC); Bob Thompson (Finance Advisory Committee); Julie Rossiter (resident)