In 2012 the City agreed that if money was going to be spent to upgrade the road system that the storm drain system under those roads should be upgraded also. The total cost to upgrade both the Roads and the Storm Drains is estimated to be $80 million.

The City’s Public Works Department and the Infrastructure Commission (CIOC) use a software package called StreetSaver to estimate the costs to repair and maintain Orinda public roads. This software is used extensively in the Bay Area and elsewhere to manage road repair strategies.

Following the 2014 Road Survey report, the CIOC ran a series of analyses. These estimated the cost to bring Orinda’s roads up to a range of conditions running from zero to thirty miles of roads remaining in poor condition at the end of the reconstruction period. At the November 17, 2016 City Council meeting they presented their findings and the Council agreed with the CIOC’s recommendation that no one in Orinda should live of a substandard road (below a PCI of 50). The cost to raise Orinda’s roads to this standard by 2022 was estimated to be $66 million.

In 2014 the City contracted a study to examine the City’s storm drain system and estimate the cost to bring that system up to reasonable standards. This report was delivered to the City in January 2015. The cost to upgrade the City’s storm drains running under and adjacent to the City’s roads was estimated at $14 million.