Orinda's bad roads desperately need to be fixed.

However, June 2016 is not the proper time to request additional funds to fix the roads (and drains).

This $25 million bond must be rejected by Orinda's voters. Here are the reasons:

USE EXISTING ROAD FUNDS FIRST. In June 2014, Orinda's voters approved a four year, $20 million road-repair bond (Measure J), Orinda should see how well the $20 million are spent before approving another bond measure in June 2016. Of the Measure J funds from 2014, only $2.5 million have been spent and $5.4 million have been committed for repair. What's the rush? The Orinda City Council put the $25 million bond on the June 2016 ballot to avoid the possible wrath of voters, who will be deluged with county, regional, and state transportation tax measures expected on the November ballot.

DEFECTIVE DESIGN. Road Repair can require going to a depth of about four inches up to 14 inches. The greater the depth, the greater the cost. We need a qualified, experienced Project Manager to design and manage this expensive construction project to gain cost and scheduling efficiencies. For instance, 62% of the roads currently scheduled for repair in 2017 are low-traffic-volume cul-de-sacs.

ORINDANS DESERVE A REAL DIALOGUE ABOUT THEIR ROADS. Before any future bond can be approved, there must be educational outreach, providing for an exchange of view among voters, the city council, and the Project Manager, during which important topics such as road selection can be discussed. Involved and informed Orindans are more likely to support a larger bond measure in 2017 or 2018 to bring ALL our roads and drains up to good condition.

Kathleen Jenkins (resident); Bruce London (resident); Richard Coleman (resident)