This site was created by Steve Cohn who is a 30 year resident of Orinda. He has been involved in the efforts to bring Orinda’s roads up to reasonable standards since 2006.

He has a Master’s Degree in Transportation Engineering and is a Registered Professional Civil Engineer.

He has forty years of experience in the equipment and project finance industry.

He has little “vested interest” in any particular funding plan other than a desire to see the City actually bring all of its roads up to acceptable condition in his lifetime and secure a maintenance funding package to keep them at that level for future generations.

  • He lives on a private street which receives no city support from taxes (general or special) or garbage franchise fees which he, and all other residents living on Orinda’s 22 miles of private streets, pay.
  • As a 30 year resident, his home is assessed at under the average assessed value and yet he rejects an Ad Valorem Tax solution as it would add to the unfair burden new property owners already bear.
  • As a 30 year resident, in all likelihood he will leave Orinda long before any bond being repaid by an Ad Valorem or Parcel Tax is paid off and therefore would benefit from his successors “picking up the bill”; yet he rejects these options as unfair to young homeowners.
  • The market value of his home is serval times its assessed value and thus he would pay “top dollar” with a Real Estate Transfer Tax. Yet this is the tax he endorses because it is the “right” tax for people who have allowed our streets to deteriorate into their present condition and it is an affordable tax; a one-time tax of less than one half of a percent for the sellers at a time when a lot of money, mostly years of capital gain, is on the table.