Please vote for

Dennis Fay, Nick Kosla and Kathleen Jenkins

for Orinda City Council

Despite the fact that 20 percent of Orinda is denied the basic benefit of street maintenance and over 400 residents petitioned the City Council to form a task force to discuss the issue, the Council refused.

In fact, they then passed a resolution prohibiting 90% of private streets, those streets which are cul de sacs, from ever receiving public maintenance funds.  This is despite the fact that tens of millions of our tax dollars are being used to repair the City’s 27 miles of cul de sacs and will soon ask us to commit to $2.5 million per year to maintain the City’s residential streets, including the cul de sacs.

The upcoming election has two members of that Council, Amy Worth and Eve Phillips, seeking re-election who have let us down.  They have three challengers: Dennis Fay, Kathleen Jenkins and Nick KoslaAll three challengers have committed to us to bring back a real discussion of the issue of public funding for private street maintenance.  We are asking you to support these candidates.

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