There are 30 miles of privately-maintained streets in Orinda in addition to the 64 miles of publicly-maintained residential streets. These streets are not gated enclaves but, for the most part, cul-de-sacs indistinguishable from adjacent publicly maintained ones. 1,550 families live on these streets; about 20 percent of Orinda.  These families pay the same taxes as their neighbors living on public streets but do not share in the benefit of publicly funded road maintenance.

A group of Orindans has been attempting to discuss the situation of publicly funded access to their homes with the City since April 2017. They have asked the City to begin by understaning what it would cost to integrate all streets into the City's road system; not have two systems.  This would require surveys to determine (1) the condition of the 30 miles of private streets and (2) the condition of the storm drains on private property that route water from and to the public storm drain system. 

To date, the City has refused to take any action claiming that even a survey costs more than the City has the ability to afford. Yet, we are spending $6.3 million on roads this year (75% on residential streets), and the City is planning on asking the voters to endorse an expanded $2.4 million a year sales tax.  The money is there to plan for making Orinda a City with one road system, enjoyed by all.

The residents on private streets have already been committed to pay $18 million  for the repair of the public residential streets which, for the most part, are only used by the 4,200 families who live on them.  Before anyone commits to a new tax, the City needs to determine what it will cost to serve all Orinda equally, as they are being taxed.  To encourage it, we are asking you to sign the following letter of support :

We, the undersigned residents of Orinda, support an investigation to determine the factual data and find various possible means to provide fair and inclusive public maintenance funding for all streets in Orinda, both public and private, and will not support any new tax measure until such an investigation is completed.

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Who are We?
We are a group of Orinda private street residents who have been paying all taxes, fees, and bonds for Orinda’s public road repairs and maintenance who have received no assistance in maintaining our “private” streets that are completely open to the public. There are 30 miles of private streets. There are 94 miles of public roads that we all pay for of which only 30 miles are “arterials and collectors” that we all use. The remaining 64 miles are publicly maintained residential streets that are identical to our private streets.
What do we want to achieve?
We are attempting to get the City to create a policy that would provide public funding for road maintenance for all Orinda roads, including coverage for catastrophic events which a community can absord while a few isolated homes may not.

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