Orinda's Privately Maintained Streets

There are 29 miles of privately-maintained streets in Orinda in addition to the 64 miles of publicly-maintained residential streets. These streets are not gated enclaves but, for the most part, small cul-de-sacs indistinguishable from the adjacent publicly maintained ones. About 1,400 families (including, ultimately, 200 families in Wilder) live on these streets; about 20 percent of Orinda. They pay their property taxes including their share of the three recently enacted tax measures being used solely to upgrade the publicly-maintained residential streets. They also pay for garbage collection which generates franchise revenue which is used to maintain public streets. Yet, none of the tax revenue that they pay reverts to the private street maintenance. This creates a division in Orinda:

A Tale of Two Cities

Please sign a petition to the Orinda City Council asking that tax dollars used for road maintenance be shared with the 20 percent of Orinda taxpayers who live on privately maintained streets. With regards to our most basic infrastructure, make us one city with a common goal. (Read Petition)

Some basic facts about Orinda’s private streets (see details):

* There are 202 privately-maintained streets in Orinda.

* These streets have an aggregate length of 29 miles. With 64 miles of publicly-maintained residential streets in Orinda, the privately-maintained streets comprise 30 percent of Orinda’s residential streets.

* While most of the privately-maintained streets are cul de sacs and only five of the 202 have more than 20 homes on them, these are not “private driveways” as many assume.

     - 153 of the 202 have ten or fewer homes but this is comparable to the 165 publicly-maintained streets which also have ten or fewer homes.

     * Currently there are 1,200 families living on privately-maintained streets in Orinda. This represents 18 percent of the 6,755 total private residences in Orinda. When Wilder builds out (another 200 homes), there will be over 1,400 families living on private streets representing 20 percent of Orinda’s families.

* The City receives tax revenue from the State amd County to maintain its streets.  By not including the 29 miles of private streets in the mix, the City is walking away from $300,000 of tax dollars we have already spent each year.

* See Frequently Asked Questions about Orinda's private streets.

Please let the City know that it should correct the inequity caused by disenfranchising private streets and only collecting taxes from them without sharing the benefits those tax dollars provide.  Sign the Petition presented by the Orinda Private Street Equity Group.


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